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Lunos- Ref Sheet by Lunaromon Lunos- Ref Sheet by Lunaromon
XP I've been meaning to throw together a ref sheet for Lunos for a couple weeks now. Finally got around to it. Not /quite/ as detailed as the other ones, but he's not a main character, either. Just for the record.

XD I did that thing again where he probably doesn't look as tall as he should. Oh well. It's somewhat noticable in the comic, I think, at least. I mean, there's enough panels of him next to other characters to get it across that Lunos is a big dude XD. I think Riza barely comes up to his shoulders.

For anyone wondering about the occupation part, both bounty hunter and mercenary are listed because, well, he'll do either as necessary/convenient for him. As long as he gets paid, he doesn't really care what he does. :P Yeah.

XD The songs are always fun to pick. The first one's an obvious choice. It just fits, right down to the Southern rock sound. The second...XD honestly, half the reason I threw that one on there is because that song amuses me to no end. It manages to sound lighthearted and still have some rather morbid lines in the lyrics. Which works nicely for Lunos.
(Yeah, I put way too much thought into this stuff. I like the songs I pick to tell a little bit about the characters instead of just sounding nice.)
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February 10, 2009
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